Goal Digger Booking Day #3!!!

Let's Keep It Rolling!!


So many of you have amazed me these last couple days with how many you are reaching out to, how much fun you are having doing it and how many shows you are booking!!! Isn't it fun to see your calendar fill up with those little blue squares meaning you have your October locked, loaded and ready to go!!!! Take advantage of this selling season we are coming into! So let's keep it ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING RIGHT????

Tip of the Day!!!

Make them feel special, like they won the lottery???

Have you ever won something and felt so so excited no matter what it was?? It could be winning a tiny little $5 items or free smoothie or anything--it's fun to win!! So why not make your customers feel special like they won right?? Use a cute image like the one above to post on your FB, Instagram, email, text whatever and tell them you are giving a way a "FREE CATERED TRUNK SHOW FOR OCTOBER!!" and make it sound fun and like a giveaway!!! Because you are technically giving them something in a trunk show (like always!!!) plus who wouldn't be excited to get some bubbly and cupcakes brought to them to make it easier?? And it will cost you about $15 dollars and will be worth so so so much more than that right?? And if we really want to book up and take advantage, it's worth it!!!

So post and see what happens!! Also--if you haven't already post the #PINK post about the Breast Cancer Awareness post that I put in our FB page a few days ago--it has worked for so many people and who does not love a good cause right?? So POST AWAY!! Here is an example of what to say with it:

In honor of it being officially Fall and getting into the best season of the year--I want to do a fun giveaway!!! Comment "YES" below this post and you could win a CATERED TRUNK SHOW for OCTOBER--it will include 2 BOTTLES OF BUBBLY, a DOZEN YUMMY CUPCAKES and of course the cutest stuff around!!! I will pick 1 winner end of the day!!!

And when people comment "YES" reach out and message EVERY SINGLE ONE WHO COMMENTS TO TELL THEM THEY WON!!! GO!! And comment when you do your reach outs!


Okay ladies here are the girls who WORKED IT on DAY #2---reached out and BOOKED BOOKED BOOKED!!

Laura P
Carla--3 bonus for booking!
Kelly Q--3 bonus for booking!
Emily U.--3 bonus for booking!
Shae--3 bonus for booking!
Kimberly--3 bonus for booking!!

Winner of Day #2 and something SPARKLY:

BROOKE!!!! Way to go girl!!

And again here are the list of ladies I have who have their 4 in person shows in the system for October so they are in for that prize!!! Let me know if I need to add you to this list when you get your 4!!

Laura P.
Kelly Q.