Literature Circle

Friday, May 19, 2017

Today's Assignment

Read "Homeward"(pages 77-92) and do your job


Meeting Day!! Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 23. Be ready!


Discussion Director: Matthew

Super Summerizer: Corey

Concept Connector: Jillian

Word Wizard: Tiffany

Passage Picker: David

Artful Artist: Tiffany

Completing your role

Disscusion Director: Lead the group with your questions. Be sure to be able to ignite a good disscusion.

Super Summerizer: Summerize the assigned pages.

Concept Connector: Connect part of the text with real life or another story.

Word Wizard: Find words in the text you and others may not know and find their definition.

Passage Picker: Pick some interesting passages from the story.

Artful Artist: Draw a scene from the story.