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Nicaragua's Independence Day is September 15

Nicaragua has a population of 5,891,199

86 of the 88 constellations can be seen in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has 215 miles of Pacific coast and 330 miles of Atlantic coast.

Baseball is the most played sport in Nicaragua.


Nicaragua is a republic in Central America. It is the largest Central American nation but the least densely populated. It is bordered on the north by Honduras and on south by Costa Rica

Its western coastline is on the Pacific Ocean, while the east side of the country is on the Caribbean Sea.

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua.


Conflicts within the coalition eventually resulted in power being consolidated by Daniel Ortega, who was elected President in elections marred by opposition refusal to participate but validated as free and fair by election observers from various Western democracies in 1984.

Ortega and his Sandinista government implemented a series of ambitious socialist reforms to the country

Multi-party elections were held in 1990, and the country has retained a fairly stable democracy since then.


Joined the United Provinces of Central America. It separated from the federation in 1838, becoming a completely sovereign republic in 1854.

Nicaragua achieved independence as an independent state in 1821

Most played sports in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Sports, - Baseball is the national sport of Nicaragua.

Apart from baseball, the other most popular sports are volleyball, basketball, boxing and soccer. Nicaraguan teams participate in various events in the Olympics and Nicaraguan baseball team finished fourth in the Atlanta Olympics of 1996. The soccer craze of Latin American countries is missing in Nicaragua.