Digital Citizenship

By Andrew Gutierrez

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is the knowledge and behaviors used in a broad range of devices such as smartphones.Computer literacy preceded digital literacy, and refers to knowledge and skills in using traditional computers.

Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette it is a basic rule you should follow so it can be better for others.It's just as important to treat people with courtesy and respect online as it is in real life.

Digital Laws

Digital Laws are the basic rules and procedures for online usage.

Digital Responsibilities responsibilities

Digital Responsibilities responsibilities is because although we have the right to privacy and freedom.

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce used by an organization that delivers and sells products online.

Digital Communication

Digital Communication is the physical transfer of data.

Digital Health and Wellness

Digital Health and Wellness is In the technological world we live in today our society is becoming dependent

Digital Access

Digital Access In terms of education, this means that technology should be equally available for all students at all schools no matter who

Digital Security

Digital Security As responsible citizens, we must protect our information from outside forces that might cause disruption or harm.