My hero is my mom because she take good care of me.

She cook good food for me.

She help me with my home work.

She help me when I need help

She take me to fun place.


My Obsession is playing Minecraft, watch Tv, playing with my Sister and planting stuff in the in backyard.

I love to play Minecraft Because it allot of fun to play with my friends.

I love to watch Tv because I love to my favorite Tv shows.

I love play with my sister because she is allot fun to with.

And I like to plant stuff in the backyard.

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My Interests is playing minecraft, playing on the computer, playing with my friends, playing sports and building.

My Interests is playing minecraft because it is allot of fun to play.

I love playing on the computer because it is allot of fun to play games on.

I love to play with my fiends because we do allot of fun stuff together.

I love to play sports because it allot of fun to play.

I love to build because I love to cool stuff.

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