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December 11, 2020

Rite of Passage: The Primary Treehouse

A rite of passage is a ceremony or event that marks an important stage in someone’s life. It marks a significant change of status and involves preparation for a new role, such as a graduation ceremony or a wedding ceremony. In our busy culture, however, we do not often stop the clock (and chaos) to simply enjoy the significance of a passing year.

At Montessori School of Anderson, we have established our own rites of passage to acknowledge these milestones in each child’s journey. In addition to the “Walk Around the Sun” birthday celebration, another special rite of passage happened Friday (12/11/20) on the primary playground.

After MSA’s traditional birthday celebration, the two brand new five-year-olds were celebrated by being allowed up into the coveted treehouse. Thereafter, for the duration of their time in Primary, the treehouse is available for them to enjoy.

“For the five-year-old, this rite of passage signifies both the physical agility needed for the climb and the maturing wisdom to know how to handle this newly bestowed privilege. She must continue to show care and concern for others in the treehouse as well as those below. It is a badge of maturation worn proudly by the child.“ - Karen Holt, MSA Founder

Dates to Remember

Remember that you can always check the MSA website calendar for upcoming calendar events.

December 17 - Festival of Lights - POSTPONED - TBA in January

December 18 - Final school-placed fall photo order will be placed -- photo forms due

December 18 - Early dismissal at 11:00 a.m. There will be no pizza order. Extended care available for I/T only.

December 21-23 - Extended care only

December 23 - All programs close at 2:30 pm

December 24 - January 1 - Winter Holidays, all programs closed

Nurse's Notes

I hope that you've had a safe and healthy week. The children are continuing to do a wonderful job wearing masks, socially distancing, handwashing and practicing hand and respiratory hygiene. Thank you for all of the support and for reiterating the need for good health habits and hygiene during this public health crisis. As Upstate South Carolina has had an increase in Covid-19 cases, we must be vigilant and all of our efforts must continue in order to slow the rate of transmission. Everyone's combined efforts assist MSA maintain a safer and healthier community.

Operation: Share the Warmth Tree:

The Share the Warmth tree has been placed in the MSA Administrative Building. It starts with only a ribbon on the top and lights. Our students, families, MSA classrooms, are asked to provide the decorations consisting of new mittens, gloves, socks, and scarves. Gently used jackets, coats, and shoes will also gladly be accepted. The tree will remain on campus until December 18 when the school closes for the Winter Holiday. The items will then be donated to Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM), a local charity organization. Covid-19 has created a greater need for local families who have been impacted by the pandemic. This allows our Montessori students and families to provide the basic need of warmth to those who may not have the ability to stay warm during the cold winter months.

Community Blood Drive:

The Blood Connection has an immediate need for blood donations. The Anderson Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the blood drive and the BloodMobile will be downtown at 129 N Main Street on Wednesday, December 16 from 12-5 pm. All donors will receive a $20 gift card. Because of Covid-19, the usual flow of donors has been disrupted and the need for life saving blood donations is great. If you are able to donate, please mention that you are part of the Montessori School of Anderson family!!! Your donation can make a significant impact and save up to 3 lives!

Criteria for donors: The Blood Connection is a non-profit organization. Blood can be donated every 56 days. Donors must be 16 years or older and over 110 lbs. to donate. Sixteen year olds are required to have written consent to donate blood. Before you donate blood, make sure that you drink plenty of water and eat a healthy meal. TBC Donor ID Card (preferred) or photo ID required to donate. Gift cards and other incentives are non-transferable.

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Please continue to send your child with a face covering each day. It is important that they have a clean, well-fitting face mask. We do provide a disposable option if theirs becomes soiled while at school.

I appreciate your help with both of these service projects benefiting AIM and the Blood Connection.

Thank you and wishing you continued good health,

Susanna Merriman, RN

Greenhouse Harvest and Winterizing

The second graders in Lower Elementary went "shopping" in the greenhouse and harvested kale, peas, and radishes this week. The first graders covered up the plants with a "frost blanket" since the temperatures have been below freezing.
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Sodium Hydroxide Solution

High School Chemistry teacher Mr. Saunier and junior William Cline mixed a 10% NaOH solution for use in an upcoming Festival of Lights project this week. The pictures include a 2 Liter volumetric flask in an ice bath to keep the solution cool and a stir plate used to mix the solution thoroughly.

Virtual Flag Ceremony Quote of the Week

An Upper Elementary student shares this week's quote and what it means to him.
Virtual Flag Ceremony Quote of the Week

Yearbook Sales

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