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Acton Weekly Update 11/30/18

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FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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Coach's Corner

A few weeks ago I wrote that teacher collaboration occurs when members of a learning community work together to increase student learning and achievement. It’s important to remember these key points about effective teacher collaboration.

  • Collaboration is your team’s journey that raises student achievement.

  • The journey is an ongoing process that keeps going.

  • It taps into your team’s individual strengths and perspectives and yet keeps teacher autonomy.

When we get teachers co-planning and co-teaching based on a shared vision, here are some of the benefits we can expect:

  • Increased Academic Effort

  • Increased Understanding of Student Data

  • More Creative Lesson Plans

  • Less Teacher Isolation

What are some challenges of effective teacher collaboration?

  • Mapping and Pacing instead of planning instruction. When we plan instruction during Collaboration, we’re not necessarily planning the same lesson for each teacher to take back and deliver (though you could). It’s more of a general planning of a lesson skeleton of what a particular lesson could look like. This allows teachers to tailor the lesson to their individual style. When planning these lesson ideas, consider the following.

    • Clearly define the objective

    • Identify student misconceptions about the objective using pre-assessment data (If you have any.)

    • Create a gradual release model that will correct those misconceptions and push all students closer to mastery.

  • Other challenges of effective teacher collaboration could be taken from last year’s study of the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

    • Lack of Trust

    • Fear of Conflict

    • Lack of Commitment

    • Avoidance of Accountability

    • Inattention to Results

Curricular Updates

MOY DIBELS Upcoming Coverage Schedule:

December 3rd

McMaster/ Matters




December 4th





December 5th


ILEARN ELA Performance Task Writing Rubric:


ILEARN Released Items Repository:


Counselor´s Corner

Dance Challenge and Food Drive

Thank you Mrs. Scott for starting up the dance challenge again.

She is using hers to help promote the Food Drive.

Feel free to show this to your class starting Monday as a fun Unite song for the week.

I will be showing it to the kids for the first time today at the assembly.


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Holiday Help

Help has been found with all of the families that have been referred. If you know of any other families that need assistance, please let me know by Monday.

I know we have a few parents and staff members that would like to sponsor. I will let you know as soon as possible if any more families are referred.

Trauma-Informed Compassionate Classroom
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Suicide Ideation

If you have a student who is talking about harming himself or herself, please report to the office, and I will come and retrieve that child.


  • Do NOT leave the child alone until he/she has spoken to me or an administrator.

  • I will assess the threat level and make a determination of whether parents will come pick them up or whether their transportation will remain the same.

  • We also now have a District Mental Health Specialist who may be contacted
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Weekly PBIS Focus Expectations: Hallway/Bathroom

Click here for PBIS Videos


LED Lighting Coming Our Way! Sometime in mid-December we will have contractors in the building after school hours installing all new classroom, hallway and common space LED lights. As I learn more, I will share with all of you.

January Absences: I know teachers have these dates on their calendar, but I want to be sure IAs do as well. Please be cognizant that attendance is of the upmost importance on January 8th, 9th, and 10th! Our teachers will be in Guided Reading Training with Carolyn Gwinn on these days. We have 3 teachers already scheduled to be out on January 8th, 8 teachers on January 9th and 10 teachers on January 10th! This is a huge training week for our entire township, so I cannot stress enough the importance of marking this day on your calendar and making every effort to report to work!

Christmas Cards for Military: If any any classrooms want to have students make Christmas cards for military members/VA/Legion, Dawn Hardcastle at Adams Elementary will deliver them.

She needs them by 12/5 and you can send them to her via Inter-office mail.

Getting To Know Our Ohana Better:

Please fill out the short Google Form below that tells us a little more about you. I'd like to have every staff member fill this out. This information will be used to spotlight a Team of the Month in our newsletter and as a staff. Thanks

Weekly Collaboration Schedule

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Ohana Calendar

Airways and DIBELS Testing Windows

Major Saver Fundraiser

I CAN Food Drive

Monday 12/3/18-Joy To The Jeans/ I CAN Go To College- College wear!

  • Waterford PD- BWB/ MN/Miller

  • Dinosaurs Live Event

  • Title 1 Parent Meeting

Tuesday 12/4/18-I CAN Respect My Elders- Dress Elderly- Enjoy fruitcake and eggnog in the lounge
  • Collaboration- Conscious Discipline

  • PTO Meeting

Wednesday 12/5/18-I CAN celebrate our differences- Color by grade level- Hot Chocolate Bar in the lounge
  • Collaboration- Team Focus

Thursday 12/6/18- I CAN Dream Big- Wear your PJ's.

  • Principal's Meeting

  • 3rd grade music program

  • choir concert

Friday 12/7/18- I CAN be Cheerful- Wear your Ohana Hawaiian attire

  • Evacuation Drill

  • Jan field trips due

  • Coaches Meeting PM

  • Cookies with Santa

Coming Soon:


9 Choir @ Sounds of the Season

11 Jacks Donuts fundraiser

17 School Board Meeting

18 End of semester

18 PBIS Convo

18 Winter Celebrations

18 End of period grades posted

18 Last student day

19 Teacher record day

20-1/2/19 Winter Break

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