"Forward, Upward, Onward, Together"

Natural Resources

  • salt
  • aragonite
  • timber
  • arable land


Agriculture production in Bahamas focuses on four main areas: crops, poultry, livestock and dairy. In 1993, about 14 million pounds of poultry meat was produced, valued at 15.3 million. Also, 4.15 million dozen eggs valued at 4.85 million agricultural exports were estimated 18,794 tons!


Type of government: Parliamentary democracy

Bahamas is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, all former British colonies and recognize Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as their head. Parliament constitutes their legislative Branch which is made up of a senate and a House of Assembly.

Social and Economic factors

  • unemployment: 15.4% of Bahamas
  • currency: Bahamian dollar
  • the labor force in Bahamas was estimated at 156,ooo
  • children under 14 are not allowed to work during school hours in industrial jobs
  • those under the age of 16 may not work at night

Reasons why Canada should trade with Bahamas:

  • Bahamas benefits from Canadian partnerships to enhance their security through programs such as the ACCBP ( Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program )
  • Canada and Bahamas work closely in multilateral forums such as the United Nations and the organizations of American States

Goods Bahamas might want to import:

  • refined petroleum
  • passenger and cargo
  • baked goods
  • wine
  • meat
  • sausages
  • animal foods
  • chocolate

Goods Canada might want to export to Canada:

  • beer
  • fruit juice
  • flavoured water
  • sauces and seasonings
  • furniture
  • paper labels
  • paintings
  • blankets
  • scrap irons