What and Who are Ghost?

By - Killian.K P-4

Why are Ghost Here?

Ah! The ghost is going to eat me! Wait? Ghost don't eat people! People cant fear something they haven't seen before. Ghost are here to look over loved ones. Well I have been wondering, what exactly is a ghost?

What is a ghost?

Well no one knows for sure but ghost hunters and physics believe that such earth-bonded spirits don't know they're dead. But there are different types of ghost, Shadow and Light ghost.

Spook Lights

Ghost light is known as spook lights. A ball of light seen moving about in nature. But the Legend reads In the 1970s "In theaters a ghost light is a stage light purposely left on for ghost to preform their plays after the theater is empty."

Shadow spirits

Shadow people are called aliens, demons, disembodied people, animals, and even unknown monster. They are deceased loved ones who either want to absorb, watch over us, or even seek our help so they can resolve past issues.

Top 6 haunted places

So here's the top question everyone is asking. What are the top 6 haunted places! First, is Red Lion inn, second, is Hill gate Cemetery, Third, The Burley rectory, Fourth, is the Tower of London, Fifth, The Queen Mary Ship, and last but not least Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

How are they haunted?

How are they haunted u say? Well in Red Lion Inn people say in room 301 there would be a cold spot on the bed even when the room was warm. There is a video that someone caught in room 301 of a blurry object sweeping across the room to bang into the camera tripod. Now, The Burley Rectory, It is Known for having a lot of ghost and a lot of sounds like,


-strange lights

-hearing whispers

-seeing a headless man

-a girl in white

-hear bells

-moving objects

-scraping sounds

How can animals see ghost?

Now, my question is how can animals see ghost? Well anyone who is close to their pet will testify to the physic connection they share. Physical and spiritual energy may all be part of the same ephemeron, and so animals might have as much connection to the unseen world.
I learned that ghost may be seeking help to solve problems. I also thing ghost aren't scary at all now! But I also think that maybe the ghost your seeing is a family member.


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