Year 8 Health Survey



The survey was completed by nine people using survey monkey. The group of people I selected represented both genders and several age groups. Different types of family units were also represented. To find this well balanced survey group I asked friends, parents and family members. The questions in the survey cover a variety of health topics such as amount of exercise, how much time spent outside and whether or not people are regularly eating fruit. The survey group would have been better if it was larger so I would have had more results.

What is your gender?

44.44% Female

55.56% Male

This result is expected as I chose the survey group carefully.

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What is your age?

Age group 35-44 - 4 people

Age group 45-54 - 3 people

Age group 11-17 - 2 people

3 out of 9 possible age groups were represented. Data from the 65 - 74 and 75 years or older age groups was not possible to obtain due to no internet access.

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What is your occupation?

Four of the nine people who completed the survey are managers, 44% of survey the group. Two of the nine people who completed the survey are students, 22% of the survey group. Various occupations make up the rest of the survey group.
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Amount of time spent on physical activity (per week)

5-10 hours - 3 people

3-5 hours - 2 people

1-2 hours - 3 people

None- 1 person

This response is what i would expect. Nearly everyone who completed the survey is participating in some kind of physical activity every week.

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What is your current fitness level 1 being bad 10 being good ?

Fitness rating of 8 - 3 people

Fitness rating of 6 - 1 person

Fitness rating of 5 - 3 people

Fitness rating of 3 - 1 person

Fitness rating of 2 - 1 person

The fitness rating result is expected. The survey's previous question told us that people are participating in a good amount of physical activity. The physical activity has resulted in good fitness levels.

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Do you compete in any sporting clubs?

YES - 22.22%

NO - 77.78%

The majority of people who completed the survey identified that they do no compete in any sporting clubs. I belive the question should have provided more infomation to classify what is a sporting club, for example gym memberships. If gym memberships were included I think the results would be quite different.

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Any current health problems?

YES - 11.11%

NO - 88.88

This is a good result as the majority of the people who completed the survey are not suffering from any health problems.

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How many hours spent outside per week?

9-10 hours - 2 people

7-8 hours - 1 person

5-6 hours - 2 people

3-4 hours - 1 person

2-3 hours - 2 people

1-2 hours - 1 person

Everybody is spending time outside each week. 55% of people are spending between 5 and 10 hours outside each week and 44% of people are spending between 1 and 4 hours outside each week.

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Do you eat fruit regulary?

YES - 37.50%

NO - 62.50%

1 person skiped the question

This result is quite suprising. If this question was referring to fruit and vegetables, I wonder if the result would be different.

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How many glasses of water do you drink per day?

5-6 glasses - 4 people

3-4 glasses - 3 people

2-3 glasses - 1 person

1-2 glasses - 1 person

77% of people who completed the survey are drinking good amounts of water each day. 22% of people from the survey are only drinking an average of 2 glasses of water each day.

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Some of the results of the survey were expected while others were surprising. As I expected everyone is spending some time outside and almost everyone is participating in physical activity each week. The amount of time spent on physical activity is reflected in people’s fitness levels. It was surprising to see that only 22.22% of people belong to sporting clubs. It was also surprising to learn that 37.50% of people eat fruit on a regular base; I expected this result to be much higher. A really good result was that 11.11% of the survey group suffer from any health problems, 88.88% said they have no health issues. The survery group are also good at drinking water.