Kasey Fulton

A Little Bit About Me

My Teaching Background and Experience

At present, I am an eInstructor for Credenda College's Early Learning & Childcare Certificate and Diploma Program. During the past several years I have worked and taught within the field of Early Childhood Education in various capacities' including ABA Behaviour Therapy and Autism, Intervention, and Daycare & Head Start.

I attended the University of Manitoba, where I completed my Human Ecology Degree with a focus on Family Studies and Child Development and am working towards completing my Master's Degree in Instructional Media.

I have worked and taught in traditional style brick and mortar classrooms and for the past eight years, a synchronous online learning environment.

My passion for Early Childhood Development/Education, and the opportunity I have to share with and teach future Early Childhood Educators makes this my dream job. Lately, my interests have expanded to include distance learning, instructional design, curriculum development and education and technology.

As an eInstructor my goal is to make the most of my student’s time, energy and money. Most of all, I want to create environments and experiences that mean something and are authentic. To challenge students to demonstrate understanding and apply content using several different outlets that intrigue them.

Technology To Differentiate Instruction

Offer opportunities for students to demonstrate and more importantly apply their understanding of the content. Suggest the students create a “project” that they find engaging, motivational and adaptive to their preferred learning style. Set up an opportunity for students to present, share and or defend their projects to their peers.

Procedure Suggestions:

1. Take the Test: What kind of learner are you?
(This is just a "suggestive" online questionnaire for example purposes)


2. Select a Web Tool based on your preferred learning style:


3. Create a project (using your preferred learning style Web Tool) that demonstrates application of content from a particular topic area or content matter discussed in class. Remember, the goal is to showcase application of content vs. regurgitation of information and definitions.

Please Note: I would allow students class time to brainstorm project/assessment ideas. Students may work in groups or individually on projects.

"Education Is Not The Filling Of A Pail, But The Lighting Of A Fire." Yeats