A Detective Novel



Charlie Grant was abused as a child. Lucky for her, she was rescued by her loving aunt. Twenty years later, on January 21, her childhood best friend is murdered. On the one year anniversary of her death, Charlie's other friend is killed. Charlie has been counting down the days until January 21 rolls around again, and the killer comes for her. But she has been preparing by running, boxing, and shooting. Little does Charlie know that the only way to defeat her murderer is to recall her childhood past that she tried so hard to shut out.

In My Opinion

This book was a great detective story. It was told by the first person point of view. The author would switch viewpoints, so you could know what all of the characters were thinking (including the killer). The main character in this story is Charlie Grant, who is fighting for her life. Other important characters include Detective D.D. Warren, and Charlie's aunt Nancy. From my interpretation of the book, the theme is about justice. Even though some people don't get what they deserve, it's never okay to take matters into your own hands; it will ruin your life, and the lives of the people you love. Overall, the book really kept my attention. I would recommend it to any reader who can stomach descriptive murders, along with edge-of-your-seat suspense.

Author: Lisa Gardner

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