Traditional Aboriginal Groups

The Dharug Tribe

The Dharug tribe are indigenous Australian Aboriginies that came to Australia many years ago by canoe. They lived in the Sydney region which is located in New South Wales. The word Dharug means yams in their language.


Their main diet was seafood including shellfish, fish and cabra grub which is an edible fresh water worm. They also ate land animals such as kangaroos and emus. There were different vegetables that they ate. One of the main vegetables they ate were yams, which is how they got their name.


The Dharug tribe was divided into many clans. Each clan had a different traditional celebration or comemoration. In each clan there were aproxamately 50-60 people. One of the clans called the Cannagal clan has a sacrificing tradition which was to burn a portion of their land. Thats why they named their clan after canna which means fire. The people of the Dharug tribe would hunt whales that beached on th coast and would invite the Newcastle and Wollongong people to feed on the whale.


To cure the sick of the tribe they collected plant chemicals that can cure.

The Dharug people are a group that survived as skilled hunters of fish and land animals and still live to this day. Here is some of their art.

More interesting information...

Known Darug clans included:

  • Wangal
  • Kurrajong
  • Boorooberongal
  • Cattai
  • Bidjigul
  • Gommerigal
  • Mulgoa
  • Cannemegal
  • Bool-bain-ora
  • Cabrigal
  • Muringong
  • Dural

Did you know that...

Smallpox introduced in 1789 by the British colonists destroyed up to 90% of the population in some areas.