Locks of Love

Heather Hayes

In 2012, I decided to donate my hair to people with cancer. I donated my hair to an organization called "Locks of Love." It always breaks my heart when I see people without hair because of cancer. I had a lot of hair at the time, so why not share! I am so happy that I did this to help someone!

As we walked into the hair salon, I was getting a little nervous. I sat down in the chair in my hairdressers room. First, I had to put my hair in a braid so when she cut it she could cut it and keep it contained. When my hairdresser Amber, started cutting off my hair I felt happy! After my hair was cut off, I felt a few pounds lighter! That afternoon, we took my hair and mailed it off to Locks of Love!

After doing this, I knew I made someone smile! People should donate their hair because not everyone has any because of cancer. Donating my hair made me feel grateful. I bet my hairdresser doesn't come across a lot of people that want to donate their hair. Looking back at what I did, I knew I made the right decision to donate my hair.

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