Big Thicket National Preserve

The adventure in the piney woods by Emma Hutchison

Outdoor activities

There are many of fun activities at Big Thicket National Preserve . One of the fun activities is hunting it's a fun peaceful and beautiful thing to do with family and friends. Another fun thing to do is fish sitting at the peaceful waters and then getting that first is bite the best thing you can do with your love ones.

Sight Seeing

There is so many beautiful and interesting sights and animals to see such as

Animals to see

National parks

Big Thicket National Preserve is a big park/Forrest to wonder around and have fun the whole thing is a big park to play and have in

History in the making

In 1994 became a national treasure to Texas when they discovered Big Thicket National Preserve. They made this Forrest a National Preserve to save it rom development and logging or BTA.

Rivers and Water

In Big Thicket National Preserve there are two rivers in park. The Angelina river and the Neche river and the Columbian lake

Flora and Fauna

State parks

Do you want to go to a state park well heres some names

*Martin dies Jr state park

*Texas state parks and wildlife dept.


Don't worry we got you covered at Big Thicket we a sure sunny most days and a nice time for you and your family.