ANZAC DAY Breakfast

Causes of World War I

The Main cause of the war was when Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife was assassinated by the Black Hand, a Serbian nationalist group.

Australia's Involvement in the War

Australia entered the war when Britain called for our aid in taking down the Germans and their allies. Australia helped Britain by adding numbers to their already formidable navy force and helped with the arms race against Germany

Australia's Significant Battles

Australia had two significant Battles; Gallipoli and the Western Front. Gallipoli was Australia's first battle, and the one with the most casualties. Australia hadn't planned to land in Gallipoli, but when they did they were punished by it from the Turks. Heavy gunfire rained down on them from the high ground in front of them. Australia suffered a massive loss in men but that didn't phase them at all. They were ready to jump back into war in 1916 when they had enough troops to replace the ANZAC losses. The AIF were transferred to the Western Front were they fought on the front lines.

Effects of the Great War at Home

The people at home were kept in the dark about the Great War. Anything they received about it was heavily censored and the photos were carefully taken to not reveal the true horrors of war, some scenes in photos were even recreated to look good. The Australians at home were worried about our country but they were reassured by the Australian Government that everything was going to be all right.

The Importance of ANZAC Day

The ANZAC Legend is a very important part of Australia's history. It shows respect to the brave men who lost their lives fighting for Australia over in Gallipoli. It also shows our alliance with New Zealand in the War and future wars to come.


Saturday, April 25th 2015 at 5-9am

60 Williamsons Rd

South Morang, VIC

Enjoy a traditional and educational ANZAC breakfast in the Gymnasium of Marymede Catholic College. Bring yourselves! and some chairs.