Spaulding Staff Bulletin

October 2, 2015

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Assemblies & Spaulding TV

We are making efforts to have an assembly per month to either provide the students with alternative experiences, some messaging, or to celebrate students and staff. We believe it is important to bring the school together to have that sense of community. We have improved our assembly attendance dramatically and we appreciate the support and assistance from all staff in making these days another great experience for our students.

Coming up on October 9, we will have our annual pep rally. Last year's was the best I had ever experienced, so I know that student council has their work cut out for them in topping that! We are also working on a student-led assembly for October and December. The dates for these have yet to be determined. On November 17, we have a presenter, Calvin Terrell. The SADD group is sponsoring Mr. Terrell's presentation and more information will be coming.

On another front, we are trying to revitalize a student-led broadcast. For those of you who remember the Friday Show, we are hoping to bring back something similar to that. This would be a student production that we could view during advisory. We are hoping that the students can come up with a snappy title for this production.

If you are interested in helping with either the assemblies or the broadcasts, please contact Brian Hoover, as he is going to be organizing these events. Also, please feel free to talk to students that you think might be interested and have them contact Brian, or pass their name(s) along to Brian. The more students we can get involved in these events, the better!


The Department of the Army congratulates Spaulding's JROTC unit, as they have earned the title, Honor Unit with Distinction for the 2015-2016 school year. The evaluation was based upon a formal inspection (worth 600 points) and the unit report (worth 400 points). The unit earned a total of 984 points! The students and instructors, Colonel Don Singer and Chief Shaun Driscoll, are well deserving of this honor, which reflects all of their hard work. Congratulations!

The International Thespian Society, the honor society of secondary school theatre students, would like to announce six inductees from Spaulding HS - Emily Benoit, Shannon Brodie, Carli Harris, Julia Jaminet, Rose Meriam and Christopher Toborg. To be inducted, the thespians each complete over one hundred hours of excellent work in theatre arts and related disciplines. In doing so, they have acquired essential twenty-first century life and career skills that include creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and effective communication. Congratulations to our recent inductees and their troupe director, Sue Brennan, for this achievement!

D & F List Data

Our first progress check has identified a large portion of students that are not currently meeting expectations. We recognize that we are modifying our grading practices, and there might be some flux due to that for the 2015 data. Also note, that although the data is organized by classes for ease in comparing a cohort's growth over time, the cohorts are not exactly the same over time (students transition in / out of SHS; students that do not earn credits are not promoted; students drop out; etc.).
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