Come to Indian Island!

Joanna Angela Dominguez - Period 2 - 12/2/14

It's a great vacation!

Spend a vacation on Indian Island; previously owned "by an American millionaire", but now owned my Mr. Owen. Experience the quiet island with very few other people. That means you get to enjoy laid back and lax company.

Things to Experience:

Free of Charge!

Be able to experience this great island free without worry of charge. Rides from Fred Narrcott on his ferry will be provided. Join now and you'll be spoiled with the services of Mr. And Mrs. Rogers!


"This island is beautiful with a hint of an ominous feeling. Definitely a fun and family vacation to go to! At least so far hahaha, Mr. & Mrs. Rogers are a wonderful set of service even though they're the only staff here so far! I heard the vacation will end with a great surprise! Can't wait to tell my family & friends when I get back!" -Elisa M.

"Everything is quiet and eerie! Great vacation for someone to escape reality and just relax." -Anonymous

Martyn Stewart

October rain by Martyn Stewart