Mrs. Kesler's 2nd Grade Class Newsletter

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Dress and Talk Like a Pirate!

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Friday, May 29, 2015 - General News

Friday, May 29th, unused notebooks and folders were sent home in your child's backpack; hopefully this will help reduce supplies needed for next year. :-)

Shhhhhhhh it's a secret! The balloons continue to hold the allure of what will happen next!! I will email a reminder of the events this week that suggest some preparation from home. See pictures below the Reflections, for all of the fun we had this week!!

ALL Library books should be back to the library. If your child has any remaining books at home, please have them bring them on Monday.

With the warmer weather approaching, please remember our room is naturally cooled with open windows and fans, so have your child dress comfortably.

Homework for the week of 6/1/15

Monday - Tub Full of Bubbles; Tuesday - 2 digit subtraction with regrouping; Wednesday - Fish Addition; Thursday - 4 addend addition.

Please check out the following links to see what's being used in second grade. Remember that Edline can give you a enormous amount of information, including units we are working on as well has homework sheets.




The week of June 1st:



Computer Fun Day!




P.E. and Music






Writing/ Reading:

This week the students began putting together all of their country research in a Google Presentation. They had loads of fun using their typing skills and inserting appropriate backgrounds and pictures to show all they have learned! You will be able to view the presentations from your child's Google account.

The students enjoyed a short "Kid President" video on "20 Things We Should Say More Often", and then proceeded to make their own lists on awesome things to say to people.

Word Study:

This week in word study, we continued to explore multi-syllable words; identifying syllables to help them with reading and spelling.

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often


Social Studies/Science

This week in Science the students began learning about nutrition. Ask your child what 5 food groups are included on their "Plate". Which food group should they have the most of? Which food group should they have the least of?


This week in Math the students completed Unit 8. The graded tests will go home on Monday, June 1st. We practiced some of our Unit 8 skills outside this week while practicing Math with chalk! The students also worked on multiples of 2's, 3's, and 4's with Mrs. Jennings-Schaffer.

Second Step

We concluded our Second Step lessons this week with an over all review. Ask your child what they thought the most important thing they learned in Second Step was.

This week we continued a filling a "bucket" with notes to classmates, noting when we see a classmate "filling another's bucket" (doing a kind deed). It was wonderful to acknowledge and celebrate the positive things going on in our class, playground, and school!


We have finished our 2nd Grade spelling words! Please keep your child practicing over the summer!


Victoria: "I learned about fractions and counting by 2's."

Dayejawone: "I learned about fractions, graphs, and abbreviations."

Tyler: "I learned how to divide a triangle into 3 equal parts, talk like a pirate, and that a trapezoid has two unequal parts. I want to learn what a tornado looks like."

Draven: "I learned about fractions, and plus & minus 3's."

Maya: "I learned about fractions, health, how to make an eye patch, and how to stay healthy."

Taryn: "I learned about fractions, seeds, healthy foods, and nutrients."

Joel: "I learned about friendship, being kind, and how to make an eye patch."

Adam: "I learned about fractions like 1/2 and 3/5."

Luis: "I learned how to make shapes out of shapes."

Joshua: " I learned math, P.E., music, and art."

Nigel: "I learned about syllables and what a word swoop is."

Shirat: "I learned 3 syllable words, problem solving, and calming down."

Tess: "I learned about friendship, Germany, and being healthy."

Luke: "I learned about fractions, healthy food, and how to make a presentation on the computer."

Asia: "I learned about England, syllables, and 3's, 4's, and 2's!"

Julian: "I learned do not be silly in the hall, don't make silly things, and don't frustrate a teacher."

John: "I learned about music, how to play a different board game, and how to make a fish bowl."

Justin: "I learned about fractions."

Samantha: "I learned about fractions and fourths."

Emma: "I learned about fractions, abbreviations, being assertive, and 20 things we should say more often. "

Kaydence: "I learned about 3 syllable words, fruits, how to set up a Google presentation, and Cuba. My favorite thing was when we played board games."

Kyle: "I learned about fractions and shapes."

Ryann: "I learned about fractions like fourths. I want to learn how to turn a triangle into 6 equal parts."

Have a wonderful week!