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This week in the Elm Class (as told by Elm students)

We saw Joy and she taught us how to do movement.

We met a new teachers like Joy.

We went out to Fort Green Park and discovered poems.

We sat in Fort Greene Park and we wrote poems about what we saw, like that big tower.

We opened up two new centers. Smalls worlds is like building a little world out of blocks and usable stuff. Magnatiles are like these things with magnets and they are in the shape of tiles and you can build stuff like a house.

We said "Hello" in different languages.

Dance with Mark Morris

Second graders experienced our first dance class with live piano music.

We created high, low, and middle moves to the music. We will have dance on Mondays as a part of our weekly schedule.

Writing this Week

What amazing poets we have in the Elm class!

We have been writing poems about things we can observe closely in our classroom from plants to glue sticks! We also took our poets' eyes out into Fort Greene Park and wrote an amazing collection there!

Reading the Week

As readers, the Elm class continued to explore poetry. We noticed the rhythms of poems and the use of line breaks and white space on the page. We looked into how poets may hide the big meanings of their poems, but we can figure out or infer those big meanings. We also practiced reading poems with partners.

Next week, we will study metaphor, simile, and personification and start naming some of the types of poems we are reading.

At home, you can share poetry that you love and talk about how you read the poem, noting the lone breaks and rhythm in the poet's words.

Math this Week

Second graders practiced addition combinations this week with their own combination cards. Students looked at addition combinations and considered which were facts that they "already know" and which facts they are "still working on" and sorted the cards into each category. This routine prompts students to pay attention to their own thinking and learning. We ask students to notice when they know an answer automatically and when they are still counting on to solve. Counting on is a helpful strategy. In second grade, students will be encouraged to build efficiency by knowing basic math facts.

We will add to their combination cards in upcoming math units and ask students to practice with their cards during our math block.

Math Game Kits

We also made game kits so your child can play math games at home.

In their blue folder you will find directions, game cards, and a reusable recording sheet.

Have fun learning Make 10 and Tens Go Fish.

We ask that you please save the dry erase marker and page protector so you can us them for games we will learn throughout the year.

We Need your Change

Next week we will be starting a new unit connected to our farm stand. We will spend time studying and using money in order to prepare for selling vegetables at the farm stand.

In order to authentically explore money, we want to have a large connection of coins in the classroom to work with. If you have extra coins around, please send them to school with your child for our coin collection.

Later in the year, we plan to count the collection amount and consider how we can use the collection to support the community.

Next week, we will begin to explore our study of Brooklyn and what makes this such a special place.

Trip to Prospect Park

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 11am-3pm

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY, United States


Second graders will spend the day exploring Prospect Park and recording their observations. We will take the G train to 15th Street- Prospect park and walk into the park. We will enjoy lunch outdoors before returning to Compass.

We would love to bring along family chaperones. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us.

October Shares Continue

We have loved hearing about special items and events during morning meeting. We will continue next week.

Please see the following calendar for the upcoming shares and consider a special object, photo, or story with your child.

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