By: Carter Krug


Minecraft is a free building game where you can build anything. You can survive the night and fight of the monsters that come out at night. Play in Hardcore mode you have only one life and every thing is like,"Wait is that a player lets kill it". Maybe play in Creative and the name is what you do. You Create anything build with redstone to make traps, or just TROLL some people on servers. Oh and there is multiplayer mode too. Oh and did i mention that the world and everything is made out of blocks.

This is the end or is it THE END

THE END is a dimension that has only one exit. You must kill the Ender Dragon and think about it. You might be able to tell me what monster is in THE END. Well it's the endermen, endermen has END in it's name. So there are going to be thousands of them. Also you have to fight a killer dragon that has towers that heals it. Also did i mention that you need a bow. If you are fighting it and you never seen some one fight it. Or ever been told how to beat it. your going to half to climb all the way up the tower. P.S the Ender Dragon destroys blocks but not 3 other blocks.