Isaac Oliver

By Matthew Houston


Isaac Oliver was born 1560 in Rougen, France. He spent most of his life in London. For education he was a good student and scholar. "...a contemporary reference describes him as Hilliard 'well profiting scholar'..." (Gale Biography in context). He worked on becoming a good artist. He was a painter and he made multiple miniatures such as, 2 of girls age four and five, his self portrait, and other miniatures that were successful. He is a symbol of Humanism because of architecture. His work is a symbol of Realism because it portrays the realistic view of this time period. Isaac Oliver was a very detailed renaissance artist that was important to this time period's architecture.

Richard Sackville

This is the Miniature, Richard Sackville. It was painted in 1616. The significant details of this painting are contour, shading, and perspective. These techniques were new and hard for drawers and painters to show in their work due to the fact that is was so new. I find this piece so interesting because it is highly detailed and it looks life like. Isaac Oliver showed Realism because he portrays the realistic view of this time period.

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