Queue management at airports

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Resistant glass, built- ins, there are differences sensor, a magnetic card reader and barcode scanner - the latest cutting-edge technology to enable interactive touchscreen Kioko and damaged by the impact. In addition, a small high-speed thermal printer paper detectors enables low -budget ticket printing. In addition, Web applications and Windows 7, Android and iPad mobile devices, such queue management in airports as email and SMS technology as well as current and future trends queue management in airports in the environment, including the use of modular add-ons, built to accommodate.

Queue management

A new user- configured service, policy and marketing strategy and other business ventures start a revolution designed to accommodate queue management in airports seasonal workers cycle. The interface design and multimedia content delivery service, including the structure of its many features, the necessary means of communication that can change at any time BSS.

However, further discussions and agreements with respect to the period after the sale of requests for additional customisations, to be able to always BSS. Is much more than an advanced order management system. It is an optimal queue management in airports set of information, entertainment, multimedia elements, and sales of products in a smart presentation bursts. Your customers are well informed and occupied while waiting for their ticket number that will impress multimedia playback capabilities LCD / plasma screen. Designed for high- volume call attention to the comfort level of consumers.

User Interface (UI) to fit your business identity is not the only customers, but it is an intuitive and user -friendly. With its Zora, customers can not accommodate any other language backgrounds. You are literally an unlimited number of languages ​​in the list and put it on the touch-screen kiosk. Customers can now choose to follow queue management in airports in their preferred language and then when they are ready to priešklientas counters, customer service staff, was more effective. Can be much improved.

Queue management theory

It can accommodate business from locals nationwide. In many cases, providing a touch screen ticket, the use of mobile reception, multimedia presentation, staff, volume, back queue management in airports office administration block, tools, monitoring and reporting of the standard version, are available. Meanwhile, the implementation of the software is only a small space or volume and back office management, monitoring and reporting tools which can būtialternatyva only version. This version is only for the purpose of monitoring and record offices and manufacturing facilities, small budget allows you to track the results.

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