Video Game Designer

Career goal: To become a video game designer.

By: Bacari Lodahl

"We find you need to make a game wrong at least two or three time before you find the right path. ... We took a lot of opportunity to design and explore, knowing that a lot of it would be thrown away." Monument Valley lead designer Ken Wong

Career Overview

Being a video game designer will take long hour and hard work, but it pays good. On average a game designer get paid 35.38/hour. This work area requires lots using technology, so you're gonna have to know how to use it. The job is fun and rewarding but it take long hours and hard work to get there. Most game designers go to college to get their Bachelor's degree. That's two to four year in college, so if you gonna become a game designer you're gonna have to commit to it. You are going to work with a lot of people. That is a fact. You'll be with other game designers, programmers, artist, developers, sound people, producers, and marketers.

Skills and Intersts

Designing video games your going to have to come up with creative ideas and hear others people's ideas. You'll have to a good conversationalist because you will talk and discuss with a lot of other people maybe even fight/argue. You're going to have to be a thinker, listener, and good with technology for the most part. Spelling is important. I say that because most people would think its not important but it is very important. You wouldn't want to make a new game that had something spelt wrong in it would you? Last of all math is going to be important. So have a skill or interests in a few of these categories or you job won't be as fun.
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