First Things First

September 19-23

Upcoming Dates

  • Flu Shots September 19th
  • Homecoming Parade September 23rd (We will walk to the parade, more details to come. Let me know if you would like to join us!)
  • No School September 26th
  • Literacy Night September 29th
On the district calendar it states that progress reports are sent out next week. The first grade team does not send out progress reports for the first quarter, as much of our work is review or has been done together. As we gain independence we will begin to take independent grades which you will be able to see on Powerschool.

Dirt Diggers Service Project

Our Dirt Diggers Service Project involves adding some beauty around our school in our picnic area. We look forward to owning this project, bonding as a class, and creating something that will make us proud.
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In Math we are on Module 1, lesson 15, working on sums to 10 with story problems. To take a closer look, please follow this link to our curriculum website with additional lesson resources if needed. We have also started our math group rotations in our room. During math rotations, I work with 3-4 students at a time at our rainbow table while students are using their 7 habits to work together well at different stations throughout the room. Every 10 minutes, the students rotate to a new station.


Next week's readers are:

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In Pathways to Reading we learned about the -ng, -sh, and -ch sounds.

Science Connection

Snakes were part of an amphibian study this week in first grade. Students brought in snake skins, we read about snakes and journaled about what we learned. On Friday, high school students presented an amphibian lesson which included turtle shells, lizard information and a live corn snake (harmless). There was a great amount of interest in this non-fiction unit of study, so when we can incorporate topics such as these into our learning, it is a win-win!
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Jett sharing his found snake skin, Cursti sharing the high school biology deptartment's corn snake, and Bobbi sharing how a snake sheds it's skin.

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