Poetry project


Across Eden she fled

Across the sea she ran

Away from Eden, Away from Adam

Away from god, Away from man

She did not wish to go back

There was no need she said

She would not bow to man

She rather die instead

Lilith the night demon

The first eve, or so it is believed

Refused Adam, Refused Eden

Surely stands aggrieved

I wish

I wish I had beautiful curls and lighter skin

I wish I had a 1 hr nap-time in school

I wish I had more time to do what i like

I wish I had bigger dreams

I wish I had someone i can trust

I wish I had something to smile about

I wish I had a load of chocolate

I wish I had a magic wand

To make all my wishes

come true


Anger is a powerful thing

Making the lines blur between truth and lies

Between fiction and non-fiction

Between guilt and innocence

Between good and bad

Anger is what drives us to our darkest deeds

To our most agonizing doom