The Independent State of Samoa

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Government Structure

The govt of Samoa has a head of state who is the chief executive unlike in the U.S. where the president has many roles in the govt that has a prime minister the roles are spread out to different people. The head of state chooses the cabinet members from the legislative assembly to serve with the head of state. Samoa has a treaty of friendship with New Zealand and is also on the united nations dealing problems in the south pacific(Critchfield).


the Archaeological evidence suggests that the ancestors are from southeast Asia. the first European to find Samoa was a man called Jacob Roggeveen(A dutch navigator). A french explorer called Louis Antoine de Bougainville came at The island Samoa in 1768 and called the navigator islands. Other European groups did not have a settlement in Samoa until the 1930´s. The Americans had interest in Samoa in 1839(Critchfield).

Major Issues/Problems

Despite the great Trading Partners and great export goods, a lot of Samoans are unemployed and have moved to other counties bringing back money for their families ("Samoa." World).


Samoa´s main exports are taro, cocoa, coconut cream, and copra. Most of the exports go to New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and even Hong Kong("Samoa." World).

About two thirds of the Samoan population work in agriculture, which is most of the country earnings. Most Samoans normally grow their own crops and animals like pigs cows and chickens(“Samoa” culturegrams).

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