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Witches Loose in Scottland (A.1)

Three sisterly witches have been spotted roaming around Scottland.

In a letter recovered from the Macbeth household, it states "These weird sisters saluted me"; are these witches just friendly supporters of the noble Macbeth, or are they somewhat more wicked?

Continuing in the letter, Macbeth states the witches "hail[ed the] king that shalt be". Did they know Macbeth would become king? How could anyone know the outlooks of the future yet to come? These witches seem to be up to no good.

Any word of possible power can drive a man mad, striving for the power said to be part of their future. Perhaps the witches are trying to play a joke on poor Macbeth, or maybe they are actually telling the truth. Only time will tell, unless you are a witch and can apparently tell the future as well.

Recently, a couple is said to have gone mysteriously missing while on their boat. Their boat has been off shore for quite a while, and has not been spotted since the time of their departure. This event seems just as mysterious as the spotting of witches. No possible sources of their disappearance have been released yet, perhaps the witches might have had something to do with the disappearance of the shipperman and his wife.

If anyone see's these sisters, it is strongly advised to have caution and avoid them if possible. Their powers are unpredictable and can be potentially deadly.


King Duncan Murdered (A.2)

ATTENTION: King Duncan and his guards were found dead in Inverness, the castle of Macbeth.

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were hosting King Duncan in their home when King Duncan’s guards murdered him. In revenge for the king, Macbeth murdered the guards because he believed it was his civic responsibility. It is believed that the guards had been intoxicated when they murdered the king because empty alcohol bottles were found at the scene. Blood and the daggers used in the homicide were found on and around the guards.

With the evidence it is clear that the guards are guilty, although, could this all be a set up? Could Macbeth and his wife have staged the scene? His motive could have been to get to the throne quicker. We asked Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to comment but they both decided against it.

Malcolm and Donalbain are also main suspects of the king's murder because after the incident, they both fled; Malcolm went to England and Donalbain went to Ireland. As of now the conclusion is that King Duncan’s guards are responsible for the homicide. No charges have been or will be pressed on Macbeth for murdering the guards, as it was his civic responsibility.


Banquo Murdered, Fleance Escaped(A.3)

Another murder!

Only shortly after the murder of our beloved King Duncan and the crowning of King Macbeth, one of the associates of both Duncan and Macbeth has been murdered. Is someone possibly out to kill all the hierarchy and associates? Or is something much more devious occurring within the castle walls?

Macbeth has only just been crowned, and yet so much has occurred shortly before and after his coronation. I am starting to believe our honorable, noble king Macbeth may not be all what he seems to be.

In an interview with Fleance, the son of Banquo that escaped murder, stated, "Three men attacked us out of no where. They just appeared and killed my father right in front of me. They tried to come after me, but I managed to escape in a matter of seconds to spare."

But then again, with the previous disappearance of the fisherman and his wife, and the appearance of witches, maybe there is more to all of this tragedy. Perhaps the devious witches had a role.

But the truth is still unknown, and while investigations continue, Scotland will remain in fear of another tragedy as such.


Macduff’s Family Slaughtered (A.4)

Yesterday at approximately six o’clock, the wife and young son of Macduff were found slaughtered in their home.

Macduff is out of the country on business, and we are unsure if the horrifying news has reached him yet. No suspects have been detained due to the fact that there is no such thing as the police yet and our technological ability to gather and analyze evidence is virtually nonexistent. However, due to the fact that Macduff is an outspoken critic of Macbeth’s leadership, the public can have rational reason to suspect Macbeth may have had something to do with these murders.

Macbeth’s reign began bathed in blood and has only continued to gather more suspicious stains. Following the mysterious murder of Duncan, Macbeth became king. No one was officially tried for the murder and there are those that have their doubts about Macbeth’s innocence. Soon after Duncan’s murder, Macbeth’s right hand man and supposed best friend Banquo, was murdered as well.

While the population of Scotland is still reeling from these two murders the disturbing murder of a woman and child has demolished any shreds of support Macbeth had remaining. Not only can he not protect or serve our people, we have legitimate reason to suspect our supposed ruler and protector very well may be the most dangerous threat Scotland is facing at the moment.


Macbeth Beheaded (A.5)

The battle at Dunsinane hill ended brutally with Macduff cutting off Macbeth’s head.

Before his death, Macbeth proclaimed that he was invincible because of the witches’ prophecy that no person born of a women would harm him. Feeling fearless, he then admitted that he murdered Macduff’s family. Macbeth did not take into account that does not include cesarean sections, which Macduff was born of. After Macduff explains that he was ripped from his mother’s womb, Macbeth suddenly fears for his life, but says he will not surrender. They continue fighting and the battle ends when Macduff beheads Macbeth.

Was Macduff justified in beheading Macbeth? Was Macbeth murdering Macduff’s family his only reason for the beheading, or was Macbeth wearing a mask, hiding secrets that Macduff knew about? Did Macbeth really kill King Duncan and that was Macduff’s motive for the beheading? The only way we’ll find out is to ask Macduff himself.

Since Macbeth’s death, King Malcolm has taken the throne because he was first in line after his father’s tragic death. The killing of Macbeth will hopefully be the last murder in Scotland for a while. It is expected for things to finally go back to normal.


Mini Articles


Aries: Tensions are rising these days in our lovely land of Scotland. Try to not to start any fights or even take part in one. Even a seemingly small fight could erupt into something disastrous this month. Be agreeable!

Taurus: This month you may be feeling a little more ambitious than usual. The stars indicate you may want to tread cautiously, but rewards are to be expected from dedicated honest work!

Gemini: This month your romantic luck is going to be off the charts. Have fun and explore your options but be honest and frank. Try not to make any enemies!

Cancer: You may find yourself being a little overly sensitive this month. Think through your emotions and try to be rational, don’t make rash decisions you might regret later.

Leo: You will have to take on a leadership role this month. Be powerful and decisive. Know who you can trust and be trustworthy as well. The people of Scotland are craving honesty.

Virgo: Keep to yourself this month, mind your own business and work hard. Don’t worry the excitement and opportunity will come to you.

Libra: Keep your ears open this month. Something big is on the horizon. Explore your opportunities, depending on your actions, something either really great or really terrible could be in store for you.

Scorpio: Watch your back this month, you have been feeling unusually confident but it is to be short lived. Think about who you trust, but don’t be reckless or transparent about your suspicions.


The Real Macbeth

Born as Mac Bethad mac Findláich, the real Macbeth was born in around 1005. He became King of Scots after killing the ruling king, Duncan I in August 1040 in battle near Elgin, Morayshire. In 1045, Macbeth then defeated and killed Duncan I's father Crinan at Dunkeld. Macbeth ruled and encouraged Christianity throughout his 14 year reign. Macbeth was challenged by Siward, Earl of Northumbria in 1054. Siward was attempting to return Duncan's son, Malcolm Canmore (also Siwards nephew) to the throne. In August 1057, Macbeth was killed at the Battle of Lumphanan in Aberdeenshire by Malcolm Canmore (later Malcolm III).


Curse of 'Macbeth'

In Macbeth, Shakespeare makes three witches an important part of Macbeth’s downfall. He is very specific about these women being witches, showing them practice witchcraft. Allegedly, black magic practitioners had cursed the play as a punishment for its involvement of witchcraft. Supposedly, saying the word Macbeth in a theater will curse the play being performed and all of its performers. In order to reverse the curse, one must exit the theater, spin around three times saying a profanity, and then ask for permission to return inside. But, the curse goes beyond simply saying the word, acting in the play itself or even reading it can bring bad luck. There have been many deaths or tragedies involving Macbeth, just one example is Abraham Lincoln. He had brought Macbeth on a boat and read it to the passengers, and not even a week later, Lincoln was assassinated. Beware of the curse, you could be next.


Dear Samara

DEAR SAMARA: My wife has been very controlling lately and I feel like our personalities are clashing. Recently she has been becoming very violent, voicing her aggressive thoughts to me. Also, she has been trying to bring me in on her plans of violence. For example, my wife attempted to convince me to run over my neighbor's dog because it “did its business” in our yard. I said no but some of the things she is saying is starting to get to my head. What do I do? --MACBEY IN SCOTLAND

DEAR MACBEY: Do not give in to your wife. Divorce her and cut off all relations with her. This violence could lead to more serious and extreme violence in the future. It could be possible that your wife has a serious mental issue that is causing her to be this way. What sane human tells their significant other to kill an animal because of an innocent act? She may want to kill a human or even ask you to kill a human later on. Beware of your wife, as she may be dangerous.


Did Shakespeare Really Write 'Macbeth'?

The question we’re all wondering is, did William Shakespeare really write Macbeth? Over the years, a conspiracy has aroused that Shakespeare did not actually write the famous play, Macbeth, rather Christopher Marlowe was its creator. Macbeth was written in the year 1606 and Marlowe died in 1953, although all the plays Marlowe wrote were published after his death. Also, could Marlowe have faked his death? He had an unfortunate dilemma with the law that would have ended in his execution so it is very feasible that he faked his death to escape the circumstances. Shakespeare and Marlowe were born two months apart, so could they be the same person? The world will most likely never know the true author of Macbeth and other Shakespearean works.
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Christopher Marlowe (left) and William Shakespeare (right).




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Wanted for the murders of Banquo, the Macduff family, and King Duncan. This man is dangerous, if anyone finds Macbeth, call poilice ASAP. A $1,000,000 reward for the person who brings him to justice; dead or alive.