Impact of Sports Social Network

sports social media

sports social media

Impact of Sports Social Network On The Sports Lovers

Social media has become an integral part of modern life today and one can hardly visualize anything without its involvement. Sports world is no exception to this common rule and there is a visible impact of sports social media on the sports lovers across the globe. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have taken the lead in the field followed by YouTube with its exciting videos. Sports lovers today make trash talks with their friends on Facebook, exchange opinions on Twitter, and view and display memorable events on YouTube.

Difficulties of Calculations

While use of sports social network could prove to be extremely rewarding for the marketers, one difficulty that might be encountered by them too often is that of calculating the exact use of a particular network by Fans. There are some blog sites that try to quantify the hangout online of the sports fans.

Survey Results

A recent survey conducted by a leading sports site that surveys and finds out the interests and impact of social networking sites on sports lover brought out some interesting facts.

· They conducted the survey on around two thousand viewers in different age groups.

· In their survey they took people in the age group of 16-64.

· People covered were fans of NFL, MLB, NBA and various other types of sports.

· More than 70% of the people covered under survey used Facebook as their favorite site whereas around 35% people use Twitter for the same purpose. But on sports days Twitter becomes the favored sports social media for them and the users outnumber Facebook by one and half times.

· At the same time use of Google as well as YouTube for sports social network are on the rise. If one takes into consideration the annual growth; Google shows 94% and YouTube 35% growth annually.

· Almost 70% of viewers using the sites as sports fans also agree to make brand sharing and buying goods and services through their engagements in social posts.

Incredible Buzz

An incredible buzz is still surrounding the social networking world and the latest trend in the industry is the direct communications received through the sports social media from the sports celebrities that is a boon for the sports lovers. Like celebrities in other areas; the sports celebrities also use to tweet their views and opinions against press or on the sports events. They also use it to deny the gossips and scandals that are often the part of the lives of the celebrities in all spheres. An example is the Facebook page of popular Olympic Swimming star Michael Phelps that is extremely popular fan page on the site. Phelps uses the page to communicate with millions of fans around the world and that is the story also of many other sports celebrities.

New social network generation wishes to communicate with the sporting celebrities whom they worship as heroes and this is something that was never possible in the past. The fact that the reactions are much faster on social networking sites has also enhanced their value for the users. All said and done; the impact of social networking in sports has become a reality that cannot be ignored.