Pinguins !


Pinguins and their habitats

The habitat for penguins is going to depend on the type you are talking about. Some of them are able to live in the coldest parts of the world. Others live very close to the equator where it is quite warm. All penguins though reside within the Southern hemisphere. They are found on every single island there. Some penguins live on thick sheets of ice most of the time due to the extremely cold weather. Others live on sandy beaches and small islands.credits to:

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Pinguins and behavior

Penguins depend a great deal on their vocalizations to help them locate each Mates recognize the sides of each other and chicks can identify the sounds of parents from an early age.pinguins can also attack if threatened,or challenged by other pinguins.They don’t seem to be afraid of humans based on interactions that have been observed. pinguins can also be aggressive when threatend and won't back down from a fight.credits to

Pinguin diets

Pinguins eat small animals from the sea like fish small amounts of krill,small squid,and mainly lantern fish

Types of pinguins

There are 17 types of known species of pinguins which are african pinguins mainly in the southern coast of Africa and there is only 24 known colonies of them.Emperor pinguins which are the largest of all the pinguins and there gender is hard to determine because they all look the same.Adelie pinguins which are the over weight looking ones.king pinguins the tall slender looking.galapagos the smallest pinguins.humboltd pinguins average sized pinguins that develop a black breat brand when they mature.macaroni pinguins are the ones that grow yellow and black feathers on their heads,little blue pinguins that are as short as the Galapagos but they are some times referred to as fairy pinguins,rock hopper pinguins which is hard to confuse with other pinguins because they have color ful feathers,and many more.credits to:sea

Pinguin facts

  • Pinguins are birds
  • Pinguins feed on in the ocean
  • Emperor pinguins are the largest pinguins
  • Pinguins are active comunicaters
  • Pinguins spend 75% of their lives in water
  • Pinguins sleep standing up
  • Pinguins are oriented by the sun
  • Pinguins develop their senses as they mature

Dangers and near people

Pinguins are not a danger or shy to the human society they are harmless birds that can interact with humans but there are certain laws in countries about touching them and getting close to them.people that can touch them like scientists often get discouraged because pinguins seem to pack up are puns them and seem like a threat to them but they aren't.

Are they endangered?

Yes , but only 3 types of pinging which is the white flipperd pinguin, Erect Crested pinguin and Galapagos pinguin by 2056. Scientist say these pinguin a will be extinct because we're sistrum get their environment.