A.P. Lit

How to survive & Jane Eyre

This is what AP Lit did to me...

Alright, I'm kidding, but there were times that I felt this crazy.

While I may not physically be able to sit with all of you and reminisce about all my times in AP, and instill in you how to survive the class and test, I can leave you a brief guide with helpful tips.

Aside from these tools I'm leaving for you, I'll share some thoughts on what I felt to be one of the most influential pieces we read this year - Jane Eyre.

Ingredients for Success

  • Colored Pens - color code everything
  • Highlighters - this is a given
  • Pencils - write. write. write.
  • Reading Journal - journalize all thoughts, quotations, anything you feel to be important
  • Dictionary - without a doubt, there will be a multitude of words you don't understand
  • Caffeinated Coffee or Tea - for all those late nights and early mornings
  • Snacks
  • Post-it notes - annotate everything in site

While I insist that these tangible items are crucial to be successful in A.P. Lit, what really is necessary is a desire to learn, an interest in all subjects, the passion for success, and imagination. If I can do it, you can too. Being successul isn't about the physical objects, or the opportunities given to you, but the opportunities you create.

Is this going to be difficult? - absolutely

Discouraging? - sometimes

Worth it? - without a doubt

Jane Eyre

Author: Charlotte Bronte

Born: April 21, 1816, Thornton Bradford in Yorkshire
Parents: Rev. Patrick and Maria Bronte - Third of Six Children
  • worked as a teacher and governess before collaborating on a book of poetry with her two sisters, Emily and Anne, who were also writers
  • 1847, Brontë published novel Jane Eyre

My Experience:

My experience with this novel was filled with much wonder and curiosity. Aside from being a romantic novel, it was filled with mystery and drama. These elements, and many plot twists, just enhanced the reading experience. I was constantly asking questions, yet it was rare that my assumptions were correct.

Brontë's novel Jane Eyre was one I just couldn't put down. It was the kind of novel you were disappointed to finish.

Emotions Felt:

Important Themes:

  • wealth versus poverty
  • Religion - biblical imagery and references, religious characters
  • ethics and morality

Symbols: how they contribute to themes and plot

  • The Weather
  • Ice
  • Fire
  • The Red Room - room that Jane's Uncle Reed dies in


Everyone was always eager to discuss Jane Eyre, and I believe that is what made every discussion about this novel intriguing. It was rare that no one had anything to vocalize about the shock they felt about a certain scene and event. The excitement was always unbearable. We were right beside Jane on her journey, and felt every up and down.

One of my favorite parts after finishing this novel was watching the film and comparing it to the book through different prompts. It was simply just an enjoyable thing to do.

All elements of discussion in A.P. Lit are interesting and enjoyable; however, you must be prepared. Always be ready by keeping up with reading assignments, keeping a reading journal, annotating, and keeping track of your thoughts as you read,.

What others say:

"The writer has us by the hand, forces us along her road, makes us see what she sees, never leaves us for a moment or allows us to forget

her. At the end we are steeped through and through with the genius, the vehemence, the indignation of Charlotte Brontë."

—Virginia Woolf, British novelist