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Week of September 28, 2015

Principal's Message

This week the focus is on Establishing high expectations.
This strategy addresses academic expectations. The suggested practices answer the essential question, “What does it take for me to earn an A or B on this assignment or in this class?” Students will work harder if they have a grasp of the big picture and examples of the final product(s) they are expected to replicate. All too often, we teach multitudes of “pieces parts,” never providing the student with a way to internalize how these parts fit together into a meaningful whole. Beginning with the end in mind means to plan and teach backward. Ways to establish high expectations include:
„showing students samples of well thought-out solutions to mathematics problems, thus providing them with models of good solution methods; „ letting students listen to a recording of an orchestra playing a new piece of music before sight-reading the music for the first time; „ letting students watch a video of an operating four-stroke engine before teaching about the individual parts; „ letting students hear a well-written essay read aloud and review copies of it before having them write; and „ providing rubrics — or better yet, engaging students in the development of a rubric for an assignment.
Teachers must never accept F work! The formative grading norm of A, B, C and NY (Not Yet!) communicates volumes about what is expected from students and stresses how important it is for them to learn everything that is taught. Let's plan for a great week of high expectations for all of our students.

In Partnership,

Lorena G. Hernandez

Click on the link above to access a step by step on how to access All in Learning reports and how to export your data to create graphs.


SLOs and professional development plans are due Monday September 28th. This is the last day for teachers to submit them on Schoolnet. Please note that all teachers must complete both a SLO and PDP for the 2015-16 school year. If a teacher does not submit an SLO for the 2015-16 school year, that teacher will receive zero points for that component on their 2015-16 evaluation results. The maximum number of points earned for the development of an SLO is 2 points. The maximum number of points earned at the end of the year for the SLO accomplishment is 3. For a total maximum number of 5 points.

Six Weeks Assessment

As you prepare to give your six weeks assessment, be mindful that we will be having data talks next week with the results from these assessments. There will be a training this week on what this process will look like on our campus.

October Fest

If you signed up for the October Fest committee please let Ms. Thompson know at your earliest convenience. It is very important that we begin to plan for this school wide event as soon as possible.

DTR Information

If you are interested in applying for the Distinguished Teacher Review this year, click on the link below to watch an informational video that includes all of the requirements and the deadlines associated with the process.


Required number of spot observations

No effectiveness level & Progressing II or below will receive 10 total spot observations

Proficient I & DTR-Eligible teachers will receive 8 total spot observations

Distinguished (Proficient II and above) will receive 6 total spot observations

ACP Viewings

The Fall ACP Viewing gives teachers an opportunity to preview the exams scheduled at the end of the first semester. It is a great way to ensure your instruction is aligned to what students will be tested on. You can begin registering on Monday at http://assessment.dallasisd.org/. Another great way to ensure your instruction is aligned is by checking the ACP blueprints found on the curriculum central website.


I am encouraging everyone to join the PTA this year. The PTA supports our school efforts and helps by planning activities that facilitate parental involvement. Let's show them we are partners in their efforts by joining. The membership dues are $10. You can also join by visiting www.joinpta.org. 100% participation is the goal! Remember that the funds raised are used for our students and our school.

Teacher Favorites

Do you have a favorite book or two? Send Ms. Lacaze an email with the title and author of your favorite book if you would like it to be added to the favorites list on the online interactive library catalog . Students often ask for book recommendations and this way they can get recommendations from all of us!

Important Dates to Remember

September 28

SLOs/PDP final deadline

October 1

Professional Development 3:45

Math Department brings snacks

October 2

Coffee with the Principal

1st Six Weeks Ends

October 13

Parent Conferences 4PM-8PM

Report Cards Issued

October 16

Secondary Fair Day

October 19

Full Day Staff Development

October 19-23

Character Counts Week

October 23-31

Red Ribbon Week

October 30

October Fest

Hispanic Heritage Program

Compliance Video Certificates Due to Ms. Thompson

November 9

Full Day Staff Development

November 13

Career Day


29th- Happy Birthday Ms. Walker!

Quote of the Week:

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