Prenuptial Agreements

Why you need one

In the event the marriage fails....

It's an unfortunate fact that many marriages end in divorce. Below are just some of the ways a prenuptial agreement can mitigate loss and risk:

- Protect assets brought into the marriage

- Prevent sharing in debt brought into the marriage by spouse

- Prevent or limit alimony obligation through complete waiver, conditional waiver

or purchased waiver

In the event your spouse dies...

Your marriage may last, but what if your spouse dies before you have had a chance to "plan?" End of life discussions and documents are always put on the back-burner. Creating a prenuptial agreement provides you with an opportunity to address these issues and make any changes necessary, limiting the chance for unintended consequences:

- Identify titled property and its disposition upon death

- Identify life insurance policies

- Identify existing Wills

- Providing for children from a previous relationship


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