Copy Stage Award Gala

Great Job!

A full hour to recognize stellar work, great people, and commendable accomplishments.

  • Five rip-roaring categories (see details below)
  • Awards for winners and nominees
  • Action-packed interludes
  • Complimentary snacks
  • Billy Crystal hosts
  • Acceptance speeches (?)

When & Where

Friday, Aug. 9th, 2-3pm

Corky Ramano

Calendar invite to follow.

How to Nominate

  • Through this form
    Note: this is a new form just for this event; any recent nominations from the Employee Recognition Nominator will also be considered

  • Nominees for each category will be leaked to the press prior to the event with the winners announced at the event.


Thomas Alva Edison Innovation Award The award for someone who has come up with the equivalent of the light bulb for our copy, style, or operations. An idea machine that mints solid gold.

Squeaky Clean Someone who has consistently clean writing or editing. For writers: copy doesn't need much editing, great notes, thorough research; for editors: edits, style, and grammar are practically perfect in every way.

Boss Copy Putting in the serious effort and care to create copy that is digestible, surprising, and engaging. Doing the hard work that solidifies Groupon as a place where great content is made.

Why So Serious? Someone who consistently writes jokes (whether lede or in-text humor) that make Lacroix come out of our noses. Or, the brains behind a really awesome one-off humor moment that also leads to projectile Lacroix.

There Is No "I" in You Look up the word "team player" and you will find this person's picture. Their positivity and encouragement make the office a more pleasant place to be. They'll tackle an important project that no one else wants to go near — a hard deal, cross-stage work, or a monotonous project. They are who we all should be.