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Term 3, Week 9 , 24th September 2021

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Friday 1st October - Last day of Term 3
  • Monday 18th October - Term 4 starts
  • Thursday 21st October - Pet Day
  • Friday 22nd October - Teachers Only Day
  • Monday 25th October - Labour Day
  • Monday 8th November - BOT meeting @ 6pm
  • Tuesday 14th December - Last day of Term 4

Principal's Weekly Update

Kia ora,

It has been great to have had another steady week at school where our students got stuck into the great learning experiences that we have on offer. The Strawbees kits (straws with connectors) have been used in the classrooms and are either constantly being put together to create a masterpiece or pulled apart to start the next design. Our new Sphero and Dash Bot robots have also been put to good use. The connections the students are making between coding what they want the robot to do on the iPad and then seeing their code in action is fantastic.

On Tuesday our year 7/8 netball team played in the Hurlstone Shield final at The Opunake Events Centre. The girls played so well! Their determination to give 100% right until the final whistle was definitely something to be admired. Congratulations to Rahotu who were the deserved winners of the shield. Thanks very much to Megan Horgan for all of the effort and support that she has put into the team. Making a final in a competitive year 7/8 inter-school competition is a great achievement.

Today, the year 7/8 rugby team travelled up to Norfolk School to play in the McLeod Shield final. What a game! Our boys played their absolute hearts out and played until the final whistle. Unfortunately Norfolk beat us by a couple of tries in the end. However, as I stated above, making a final is no small feat and I think our players should be really proud of themselves. A big thank you to Jason Hurley. He ensured our players were very well prepared for the final, which led to our team being incredibly competitive on the day.

Distance Learning Survey

Your feedback is important to us and we thought it would be timely to send out a quick survey for you to complete to give us an indication of how well the school handled the recent Covid-19 lockdown. As is the case with all surveys, it really helps if we get a large amount of responses.

Please click on the following link to complete the survey, it should only take 5 minutes:

Kia pai to wiki (have a wonderful weekend).

Ngå mihi nui

James Willson

Values Awards

Room 1 - Caleb for showing the school value of Effort and giving 100% to every sporting opportunity.

Room 2 - Lucas for effort in writing a great story about cross-country!

Room 3 - Amber for putting in a big effort to complete all of your set work each day.

Room 4 - Airini for always trying your best and giving challenges a go.

Room 5 - Andre for ambition and effort. Awesome progress in your reading.

Room 6 - Nate for a super effort across all your learning. You are a star!

School Notices


We are still in need of coaches for a Year 1/2, and Year 7/8 team.

Please let the office or Miss B know if you are able to help.

Pet Day

  • Can we please have all Pet Day trophies returned to the office asap.


Manawa Piharau

Determined until the end.

Room 1

While distance learning was OK for a short time, it's so wonderful to be back to school and back to collaborative learning in the classroom. This week in Aumangea Taima we watched a clip about some of the dangerous ways children around the world get to school, then using the Strawbees, we designed and built a safer solution for a school of their choice. I am always blown away by the creative solutions our students come up with. Ask your child about what they built this week.

Bottle Tops: We are still collecting bottle tops. Please collect up and send as many bottle tops as you can find along to school. We would really appreciate all shapes and sizes.

Room 2

This week has been busy with sports. Our netball and rugby teams have been training and playing their finals. It has been great to see their skills develop throughout the year. This week we also started our puberty lessons with our year 7-8 students. We have been learning all about how our bodies change and who to go to when we have questions to ask. Next week is the last week of term and we are excited for the holidays!

Room 3

This week in room 3 we have been learning how to use Spheros. It has been great learning how to write the code to move the Spheros around certain challenges such as a maze.

We have had Mrs Heartherton back in class using the We-Do kits with us. The students all love working together to make cars that drive or airplanes that fly. It is quite remarkable what they can create!

Room 4

This week we have been learning about probability and using coins and dice to test our predictions. We learned that sometimes you need to have more tests to have accurate results. Our writing has been focussed on recounts of events like running races, games and our cross country. We played a game called fruit salad and wrote about it using more exciting words for ran. Leah wrote this about our game:

A class game

Today my class went out for a game. We lined up. Next we sprinted to get into the circle then Mrs Procter gave us fruit names.

Then it was my turn and I sprinted as fast as I could. I heard other fruit names getting called out. Finally it was my last turn. I got to be a kiwifruit.

At the end of my game I felt puffed and my muscles were sore! I ran as fast as a racing car.

Room 5

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the term - it certainly has been a tricky term but our incredibly resilient children have shown their resilience and adaptability by taking the lockdown in their stride. Learning is happening all around us and children are just like sponges - soaking up the stimuli that they are exposed to. This week we have written our recounts on Cross Country, have continued to practice skip counting in 2, 5 and 10s as well as knowing what 10 more or 10 less than any given number up to 100. Reading tests are also happening - it is awesome to see the children trying so hard. The photos show us playing with and learning about 'Strawbies' - there were a lot of very excited children when I brought this resource into the class. The challenge to create a cube was met with some degree of frustration, but ultimately - success for some.

Room 6

We have had a busy and varied week!

After cross country we have written our stories, trying to remember our ideas and record words using sounds we know. We have also tried to include full stops and capital letters- even an exclamation mark or two!

We worked with Mr Blance to get our taniwhas ready for the laser cutter and we hope he will be able to get them done for us soon.

We have been working on addition for maths and I am really impressed with how hard everybody is working. The Numicon is a great resource to help with what the numbers look like and make the process of writing the number stories easier. We have actions to help us remember the ‘plus’ and ‘equals’ signs- ask and see if they can remember what they are!

Community Notices

Taranaki Cricket Association - SOUTH TARANAKI - OCTOBER HOLIDAY CLINIC 2021

Taranaki Cricket Association will be running a South Taranaki October Holiday clinic for 5 to 12 year olds on Thursday 7th October 2021. The programme will be run from 10am to 2pm at the TSB Hub, Hawera.

For more information and to register, please click the link below:

Big picture

Normanby Athletics Club 2021-2022 Season

First Registration Night & Coaching:

Monday 11th October 5.45pm.

Normanby Domain

Registrations for all ages. New and old members welcome.

Contacts Karen Brooks 278 3374 or Steve Gray 272 8445

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