Digital Citizenship Project

Hugh N. Period 3

What is Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is a use of the internet . Like rule 1 do not be mean at the internet . It is good use but it could lead you to jail,sued or even have to owe money . There is lot's of things like also Think before posting it if you give away your information they may try to take money away . Even give you stuff that you do not need. And do not try to copy peoples work . There are tons of stuff that is for Digital citizenship that is for computers so stay safe in the internet and have Fun!!!!!!

Rule : 1 Be Kind

Behave online do not say mean things that might hurt someones feelings. And treat people the same way as you want to be treated.

Rule 2: Think before posting your information

Ask your parents, teachers before you give away personal information. If you do they will send you annoying and stuff that you are not allowed to see.

Rule 3: Plan before doing it

Do not ask strangers to come to your home. If random people ask you some thing the best idea is deny it or delete it.

Rule 4: Keep you identity a secret

Do not give away year age name or where you live. Choose a made up name as your name online to stay safe online.

Rule 5: Be smart

When a cyber bully texts you a mean thing bloch the bully. Or you show it to a adult that they know what to do . If you get angry at them take a mins to com youself down and do not look at it.

Rule 6: Do not copy or steal peoples work

If you doing a project or other stuff do not copy other peoples work that is plagiarism. If you do put it in your own works and give credit to the creatier. And at the corner of your paper put the subject that you got it from.

Rule 7: Ask before use

If you need a song ask the person that made that invention you can use it. But if you do not you be sended to court you may be sued or even have to pay the money to the person who made it hope you ask first.