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Welcome to the Beaver State

Oregon has many beautiful looks and views from lava Beds and Fossil Beds, to cascade mountains and sandy Beaches with nice sea water on them so come on down to Oregon to learn many interesting things to see! Visit Mr. Nussbaum's Fifty States for more information.

State Symbols

State Sybols

Oregon has many diffrant state symbols it also has many things that other states might not have a state symbol for that category like a state nut. The rest of the pics. I can't fit on is the, State Nut Hazelnut, State Beverage Milk, State Mushroom Pacific Golden Swallowtail, and a couple more. The last one, its nickname and motto, The Beaver State and "The Union". Click here for more information.

About Oregon

Natural Resources

There is many natural resources like fossils witch make fossil fuels like gas and oil and trees, witch cover 40% of Oregon, rocks and gems like gravel,diamonds, and many other rocks. .There is also many animals like cows and other animals, the last thing is wheat, hazelnuts, and blackberry's. Don't forget the most cool thing of all Petrified wood!


Oregon is one of the lead lumber states because of it's abondint forests and 40% trees, they make metal and do metal work they also do machinery, aluminum, and chemicals. They make goods,farming:crops,agriculture, and catching fish (salmon). Go to Culture Graghms for mor

The Oregon Trail and First Settlers

The Oregon Trail was a big deal for Oregon when America was first being developed, before America was America it was ruled by England that is until we won the war then Oregon was gave up from England to the United States of America and there was a lot of Beavers witch they could trade Beaver skin and Beaver skin was valuable so a lot of people wanted to come to Oregon witch created the Oregon Trail. The first out of all the first were Indians (Native Americans) and the main group was Chihook. The first people there besides Indians there were European explorers.

The Land

The land in Oregon is really beautiful it has anything from flat platues to sandy beaches and everything in between. Oregon has many diffrant things to see one of the most intesting things is the Great Basin ,the Great Basin is surrounded by many mountains and has no outlet to sea or a river so if it rains there it will ether soaks into the ground or make a short living lake witch evaporates in a very short time. the last few things about Oregon's land is the volcanoes (extinct), big lakes (Crater lake, deepest lake in the U.S.A),forests cover 40% of state, and many more things.

Other Things About Oregon

Oregon has many interesting things to see like the Cascade Mountains right next to the sea and there is a Canyon in Oregon that is the deepest canyon created by water in North America! There is also volcanoes that are extinct in Oregon that created lava beds including the John Day Fossil Beds. Visit National States Service for more information.

Oregon's Famous People

John McLoughlin,Abigail Duniway and White Gray

Made a post and helped many settlers get supplies and start a life in Oregon. She was the first women that voted and I thought it was Susan B. Anthony or her friend! White Gray was the first white to go down the Columbia River witch he named!

State Flag

Details About Oregon's Flag

Oregon's Flag is very uiniqe because it is the only state flag in the United States of America with an imprint on both sides, one side has a Beaver on it and on the other side is the real stuff, it has a heart shape with an eagle inside and 33 stars surrounding it and the last finishing touches the sun setting over the Pacific ocean, mountains, forests and a covered wagon with wheat, a plow, and a pickax for farming and mining.
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Map of Oregon

This is a map of Oregon.