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Principal's Weekly Communication -Week of September 28

Inspiration for the Week

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School Improvement

Teaching Innovation

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Want to Learn More?

Research tells us that when students know the expectations, they are more likely to achieve those goals.

“The starting place for all effective instruction is designing and communicating clear learning goals.”

Robert Marzano (2009)

“I Can” statements empower students, provide a common focus, communicate what is important, build community and engagement and increase motivation and confidence.

As you use I can statements think about the following:

Does your “I Can” statement capture the following information? (What the Students Need to Know, Understand, Do?)

Do 90% of the students in the classroom know where the learning objective is listed?

Do you list the learning objective on student assignments?

How are you communicating this to parents?

Article explaining the benefits of learning targets:

Sample of I Can statements used in K-5 ELA Units is now in our Husmann Shared Folder under ELA Units.

Did You Know?


  • Our custodians Luis, Mike, and Richard rock because they not only make our school shine, THEY shine by being kind and caring to our students!

  • Cindy DeVoe rocks because she is always flexible with scheduling. She shows each student patience and understanding-Mary Alice Howe

  • ​Mike, Richard, and Luis rock for always making my room look awesome and never forgetting the little things I ask of them and for always having a smiley happy attitude!​

    Jenny Nixon

  • Adrienne Hentz is one awesome Para! She is able to juggle many responsibilities in our Kindergarten class and doesn't miss a beat. The children love the extra attention she gives them and I appreciate her ability to anticipate their needs along with my own. She definitely makes a positive difference each day!-

    Penny Reese

    Cathy Thurston, my colleague rocks! She's coordinating the Kane County Cougars Reading Program, the Shower for Laura Rill Moore, the water cooler in the faculty rooms, and she's still being patient with me as we test and group and teach!

  • Jill Kuhns rocks! She participated in a Chicago marathon to raise funds for clean water in three world countries.-


    Grade Level teams rock as they are embarking on a new adventure with goal setting in their classrooms. Thank you for demonstrating a willingness to learn and the grit to applying it to the classroom.

  • Encore teachers rock as they are getting creative in finding time to collaborate within their busy schedules. Thank you for seeing the value in this.

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