Gan Fei Zhong (My great grandpa)

By Mark

Gan Fei Zhong's life

Gan Fei Zhong was born in 1922. He was the offspring of Zilu, the chief disciple of Confucius. He graduated from Zhejiang University, major in Chemistry just before the Great Revolution in China. After graduated, he joined army, as the greatest English -Chinese translator in Burma, fought with Japanese army. In 1943, he went back to HangZhou, which was his home, and graduated from Zhejiang University again and got machinery master’s degree. The year after the Great Revolution, which was 1950, he married Shanglu Ye in Shanghai. And then he went to Taiyuan ordered by Prime minister Zhou Enlai and worked as a chief engineer in a mechanical factory.

He worked the rest of his life and died in 2008, lived 86 years.

Gan Fei Zhong working

Gan Fei Zhong worked the rest of his life in the factory. He was very successful and he did incredible things. Example : He lifted tones of machine with hemp rope. Even rebars couldn’t lift it up and the skill hadn’t been figured out until today. Another important thing was he imported the CNC bridge mill, without the machine, the Three Gorges Dam would never be created. He was so serious at his work that he could remember all the parts of the equipments, the workers didn’t need to check the notebook, but to ask him. In 1992, he finally retired and stayed at home, still kept focus on the mechanical engineering .
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The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

At that period of time, everyone worked hard. He was rich so he didn't work much. One Time, he was trying to save someone but got himself in jail and lived there a year. He was strong, after he got out of jail, he still worked on mechanical engineering products.

What he was good at

He won swimming, shooting, and running champions. He ran 10 seconds in 100 meters. He never missed shooting, which was a legend. He was also good at swimming, he could swim a long time, his willpower was really strong.
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