How to prevent from having HIV

By: Tyler Popham

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HIV is a life threatening condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus that damages your immune system. Your immune system dose not fight back because it dose not see the HIV virus a foreign virus so it attacks the antibodies and it attacks blood cells.

Ways you can get HIV

theirs many ways you can get the HIV virus on having unprotected sex like oral, anal, and vaginal sex if you have any of these types of sex with somebody that has the virus you can get the HIV virus another way you can get the virus is as a child when breast feeding or being born another way you could get the disease is sharing needles with someone else the person you are sharing the needles with could have the disease and it could spread working in healthcare is another way to spread the HIV disease by working with a patent that has HIV and it gives you HIV last is blood transfusion and organ/tissue transplants someone with the HIV disease could donate blood to some one and when they put that blood in them they now have HIV
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How to prevent from geting HIV

how to prevent from getting HIV id having protected sex when having sex wear a condom. have oral sex with someone who has a sore throat

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