adventure time in the Mission Inn

by Joshua Durago period 2 Mrs.Sandoval

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Raincross Bell

Q: What is the meaning of behind the Raincross symbol?

A: It is inspired by the mass bell of the founder of the California missions, Father Junipero Serra. The raincross is said to be a Native American symbol for the dragonfly.

Mission Inn

Q: The hotel is designed to emulate California Missions. How many Spanish Missions were built in CA, what is their significance to the United States?

A: there is around 21 Spanish Missions built in CA, their significance to the United States was to expand Christianity to Native Americans.

Booker T Washington

Q: Who was Booker T Washington? How were his views different than Web Dubios?

A: Booker T Washington was An African American educator and author. their difference in views is that Web wanted immediate equality while Booker supported gradual equality.

Nanking Bell

This Nanking Bell was acquired as a result of the Chinese Boxer Rebellion in the 1900s.

Frank Miller Statue

Q: Do you think the Government was correct in granting the Mission Inn Hotel this honor?

A: Yes, because the Mission Inn Hotel is a historical place, and an important hotel during the 1900s

1700s Spanish Cannons

Q: How did the US acquire the Panama Canal Zone and How did it benefit the US?

A: US acquired the panama Canal Zone from the French for $40 million. It benefited the US by giving the trade and a faster route from sea to sea.

Taft Chair

Q: What was the Progressive Era a response to & what reforms did it bring about?

A: The Progressive Era was a response to the corruption of the government. The reforms that it brought about are; social, political, and economic reforms.

Teddy Roosevelt

Q: What do you think was Teddy's biggest accomplishment & why?

A: I think Teddy's biggest accomplishment was starting a progressive style type of presidency because without it US would have many deaths due to bad food and also an increase in factory injuries.

Chinese Pavilion

This was built in 1985 in honor of the Chinese settlers who came to Riverside as early as 1868. As Riverside's citrus industry grew so did the need for cheap labor, which was found in the form of the Chinese immigrants.

International Rotunda

Q: Why did US finally enter the war?

A: They finally enter the war because of the Zimmerman telegraph and the unrestricted U-boat Warfare

Cool photo of the Mission Inn

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Q: What were 5 new consumer products that were created in the 1920s?

A: The 5 new consumer products that were created in the 1920s was the radio, model T, stocks, washing machines, and buying on credit.


Dada was a 20s art movement that protested tradition. Dada had only one rule: Never follow any known rules. Dada was intended to provoke an emotional reaction from the viewer


Q: What is surrealism? How is this art piece from the museum reminiscent of surrealism art?
A: Surrealism is an art movement that sought to link the world of dream with real life. This piece is an example of surrealism art because all of it is real yet none of them really go together.
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