One Face Among Many

Learning the good, bad, and endearingly ugly of mine.

Who in the World? Or Rather: Where?

Hello! My name is Taylor Hendricks, and I'm a sophomore at IUPUI. I went to high school in Westfield, Indiana, but that's not nearly so interesting as my elementary and middle schooling - most of which was done in Germany. How's that for an attention-grabber?! I lived in Germany for nine years, following my military dad, who was stationed there during his twenty-four years of service.

I put this first, because it's always been such an intrinsic part of who I am: an Army brat with enough globetrotting savvy to confidently navigate through European cobblestoned streets by the time I was ten.

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Bye, now!

I'm incredibly nice, but very timid. Please don't hesitate to send me messages or questions! Have a great semester!!!