Week of March 21

Upgrades, Updates and Renovations are Coming to Pershing. . .

The Next Two Weeks. . .

Week of March 21st

Major Saver Fundraiser for PTA Council (Elementary and 6th Grade)

Tooth Truck

Monday, March 21st

-PTA Board Meeting Elem

Tuesday, March 22nd

-MS Wear EXPLORE T-Shirt

-Show Explore Video (MS)

-Super CDC Elem (8-11am; Frazier and Mossberger)

-Science CDC (pm;Parson)

-Debate Tournament at MSU (3:30-6:30pm)

Wednesday, March 23rd

-Lockdown Drill and Storm Drill (8:40am)?

-Master Learner (Bullard, Satterfield, Colvin, Putman and Schildknecht)

-PBL Visit at Republic (Holmes, Talburt, McClure and Gallamore)

-Debate (3-4:30pm)

Thursday, March 24th

-Band Festival at CHS

-Emergency Bus Evacuation Drills at 9am

-Good News (2:45-4:15pm)

Friday, March 25th


Week of March 28th

Monday, March 28th

-Major Saver Campaign for PTA Council Ends (Elementary and 6th Grade)

-PTSA Board Meeting 12:30-1:30pm

Tuesday, March 29th

-Math CDC (AM; Dorris)

-4th Grade to the Symphony (11:15am)

-Tech Level 2

-PTA Literacy Night at the Brentwood Library

Wednesday, March 30th

-Wear Explore T-Shirt

-4th and 5th Grade Field Trip to Jefferson City (8am-7:30pm)

-SS CDC (AM; Randall)

-ELA CDC (PM; Colvin)

-MS Library Media Specialist Meeting (PM; Cox)


-Debate (3-4:30pm)

Thursday, March 31st

-Good News (2:45-4:15pm)

-SPED Staffing (2:50-3:50pm)

-Feeder School Concert (7-8pm)

Friday, April 1st

-On Cycle Teacher Growth Plans Should Be Finalized

-Flashback Friday (Wear College Shirts)

-PBL for Elem During Rise and Shine with Austin Rutledge

-5th Grade Feeder Students to Pershing in the AM

-8th Grade to Wilson's Creek

-Fire Drill (2pm)

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Next Faculty Meeting/Learning Session on Friday, April 15th from 8-10am

Recognize a Co-Worker

You can recognize your co-worker on the workroom bulletin board or online through the district website.


Just for Fun! Have an EGG-cellent Week!!

Funny Videos - Easter Egg Hunt Gone Wrong "The Great Egg Scape"