Welcome 2 The 4th Grade!!!

By:Emaleigh Arausa

Fun Things About 4th Grade!!!

  • We get MacBooks
  • Watching movies
  • We get to read really good books.
  • Fun Fridays!!!!
  • Activities that the teachers give us
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Field Trips!!!

  • AG in a bag
  • SPEC
  • movie theaters
  • Joyland
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What I Learned!!!

  • New Words
  • Writing Expository
  • Long division
  • Mixed Fractions
  • Cross x
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Our Teachers!!!

  • Helpful
  • Fun
  • Fancy
  • Organized
  • Spectacular
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Our Classroom!!!

  • Unique
  • Neat
  • Fancy
  • Helpful
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  • In P.E. we get to play new games.
  • In art class we are very creative.
  • In music class we get to play recorders.
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  • Always be good
  • Be respectful to everyone
  • Be responsible
  • Be neat
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Good Luck!!! (end)

Good luck on every test and paper you get. Always have confidence in yourself,prove your answers.Be good,respectful,and polite to everyone you meet.On the STAAR test never rush through,be brave, and give it all you got!!! Have an OUTSTANDING year!!!
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