First Grade Update

April 8, 2016

Dates to Remember:

  • Each Friday: Homework Due March 18th
  • April 12: 1st Grade Field Trip to Seussical Jr. Play
  • April 16: Run to Fund

Weekly Happenings

This week, we reviewed some common characteristics of poems & more specifically, the rhythm, rhyme, format, and content of the poems selected. The learners participated in a mini-author study of Shel Silverstein. We created a list of characteristic of his poems. With support, the learners defined his unique style & discussed how his poems are quirky/humorous. The learners found out that Shell Silverstein's work sometimes required great imagination and inferencing skills.

In writer's workshop, the learners talked about how authors look for specific details to include in their stories. We looked at our own small moment stories and our peer's stories to locate places where the details could be more specific.

In spelling, we worked with words with suffixes: ­ly and ­ful. We played some fun games to practice using these suffixes to change the meaning of words.

In social studies, we continued our PBL "Change for a Cure" in which we are partnering with Leukemia Texas to collect coins and write letters for patients. We filmed our PSAs to enlist the help of the entire Lakeside community in raising money for Leukemia patients.

In math, we began identifying, describing, and sorting 3-dimensional shapes. Learners were introduced to the vocabulary words: FACE, EDGE, and VERTEX (VERTICES).

In science, we continued our unit on solids, liquids, and gases. This week, we focused on liquids and their properties. We even had two special guest scientist, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Tainter, present engaging experiments to deepen our understanding of solids, liquids, and gases!

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As a part of first grade’s service learning initiative, our learners are partnering with the non-profit organization, Leukemia Texas. Our learners have been charged with the task of collecting coins to donate to Leukemia patients. First graders will be in charge of sharing our collection drive with the school, gathering the coins as they’re donated, and counting coins. Learners will also write letters and draw pictures of encouragement to patients. The donations will take place April 11th-April 22nd and we hope to beat last year's generous donation amount of $1000!

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April 12th Field Trip!!

Thanks to the generous PTO, 1st grade will be going to Casa Manana in Fort Worth to see the play “Seussical” on Tuesday, April 12th.

Learners will need to…

  • Wear a red Lakeside shirt or a red t-shirt
  • Bring a completely disposable lunch, including a disposable water bottle
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Please click the link to view April's lunch menu.

Also, make sure to check your child's lunch account on-line weekly if your child purchases a school lunch regularly.

If you have any cafeteria questions or concerns, please contact Robyn Anderson at

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April Birthdays!

1A- Frankie D.- 11th

Molly C.- 30th

1B- Caroline Z.- 14th

1C- Eli N.- 5th

Lexie L.- 14th

Ava P.- 18th

Shawroj K.- 23rd

Johann A.- 25th

Quotes of the Month

“As we look ahead to the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” Bill Gates

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” Dr. Seuss