Saving a Life

Lifeguard's Save Leads to Love

The Conflict

Though watching my swim section, all my thoughts were on Francesca, a girl I had had one date with. Just as I was pondering how I would ask her for a second date, I noticed that a girl was drowning outside my swim section. Though I was scared, I remembered my training, grabbed my PFD (personal flotation device), jumped from the lifeguard chair, and charged in. With my lifeguard colleague and pal, Nicole, we saved the young lady and brought her to shore.

"This time, dream girl was asking ME out on a date."

Success: Times TWO!!!

Once home, happy from my success with "the save", I phoned Francesca. Not wanting to brag, I told her about what happened, and she decided to take me to dinner for our 2nd official date. Thus, this event ended with the satisfaction of a job well done and a great excuse to call Fran back, securing our all-important second date. Two years later, we were married. In three weeks, we will celebrate our twentieth anniversary. Yes, I saved a girl, but in a way, she saved me.