Come to our event!

To The Colour Run!

Our special day is coming soon!

Come on to the awesome bash of the year! THE COLOUR RUN! This event will blow your mind! This is the perfect way to end your year for 2014 guys! This event YOU CANNOT MISS!!

ThE cOlOuR rUn!

Wednesday, March 12th, 9am-4pm

Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

Why was this event created? To help motivate people to exercise and keep fit because the important thing is live your life and have fun!

PaYmEnT iS $40 BuT tHe ScHoOl Is PaYinG $8 fOr Us StuDeNts! ThE cOsT iS $32

Ticket Includes

-Colour Run Official Event Shirt

-Sweat Band

-Shoulder Bag

-Bottle of Water at beginning and end of race

-Coloured Powder (to add the fun!)

-Temporary Tattoos

- Entry to finish Festival


You have teams of four people for a base camp. You need to stick together for in the race so no one gets set behind. You guys can take SELFIES and send them to us to we can show everyone how AMAZING this event is!


The whole run is around 5kms for the track. If you don't make it, you can just pull over to one of your helpers and you can return to your camp.


If anyone has asthma please bring it onto your track and if you need a breather you can just pull over and either go back or keep going!