By: Lucy

What is it?

A flute is a instrument typically made of metal with an elaborate set of keys.
Happy - Pharrell Williams Flute Cover


A musician who plays the flute can be called a flute player, flautist, flutist or less commonly called fluter or flutenist. With most flutes, the musician blows across the edge of the mouthpiece with their bottom lip covering the embouchure hole. A mechanical or electronic devices that emits clicks or beeps at regular time intervals are used to help practice and help musicians keep a good tempo.


Some players say that the open-hole keys permit louder and clearer sound in the flute's lower register. These open-hole keys are covered by the fingertips when they are pressed. Students may use temporary plugs to cover the holes in the keys until they can cover the holes with the fingertips themselves.


Since 1950, a number of outstanding performers have used flutes in jazz. These flutes are used in many ensembles such as concert bands, military bands, marching bands, orchestras, flute ensembles and occasionally jazz and big bands.


Closed holes permit a more relaxed hand position for some players, which can help them when they're playing. Since Boehm's fingering is used in saxophones and the concert flute, many flute players "double" on saxophone for jazz, small ensembles and vice versa.