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Sources for Copyright-free Music

The challenge with recommending music sites is that the fine print regarding terms of use is sometimes very fine and applies to particular songs rather than to all works downloadable from the site. I have used Creative Commons to search for copyright-free music.

Audionautix offers copyright-free, no registration, no subscription music.

Danosongs has royalty-free music with credit or link to site.

Free Music Archive has public domain and Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0 licensed music. has about 2,000 free sounds that are licensed under Creative Commons. If you want to use a sound effect that will be for commercial purposes, you can click on royalty-free sounds. This is one of the few websites where you can download the sounds without having to create an account or login. has a large database of sounds that are licensed under Creative Commons. This makes it really easy to see which sounds you can do anything with, which ones you have to attribute and which ones you can’t sell in a commercial product. For home or personal use, you can pretty much use any sound on the site.

Free Sound Track Music has royalty-free music provided that the composer and the URL are cited. (That's more than fair!)

Incompetech asks for donations for their royalty-free music. is a non-profit site that allows registered users 5 standard-quality free downloads a day without copyright restrictions.

Purple Planet has royalty-free music that can be used in projects that include Web distribution.