how did vehicles change the world?

how did vehicles change the world? was it that important?

Vehicles such as cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks and many more kinds have made one of the greatest world change in history for example airplanes have helped us a lot to go somewhere far fast. back than before airplanes were made they had to use boats across the ocean and that was dangerous. cars is also for usage of driving somewhere like your work or any place you want to go (even the park). vehicles was a really important change because it helped people get place to place fasterr. imagine walking all the way from Florida to Minnesota that will hurt your legs

what was the first transportation run on

the first transportation was ran on by horses and a wagon that the people sit on
Ronnie's Evo Running 9's

what kind of race was that

that video was a drag race and it is for to race as an hobby but you race in a straight line
Boston Marathon Motorcycle Ride 2014, no sound

what was that race

that race was a motorcycle race but not a drag race a regular race